The Gift of Education

I have ascended Mt. Everest, climbed the highest peak on every continent, kayaked down the Grand Canyon and been to the summit of a thousand peaks in between. All of it BLIND. Over the course of these journeys, I’ve learned a few things about adversity and the strength of the human spirit. Most importantly, I’ve discovered that when faced with barriers, we are capable of more than just surviving, or even overcoming them. When we live a No Barriers Life, it is possible to emerge from challenges as stronger, brighter versions of ourselves.


It is important to realize a No Barriers Life is not all about hanging off the edge of a scary mountain, nor is it only applicable to someone who may be blind or deaf. No Barriers is for everyone. The way I envision this journey of a No Barriers Life is a map, and on it, waypoints we call Elements: Vision, Reach, Pioneer, Alchemy, Rope Team, Summits, and Elevate.


These Elements are the guideposts along the way that help and take the complicated and often seemingly insurmountable challenges we face, and shape them into a learning process where we all can discover that “What’s within us is stronger than what’s in our way.”
My wife Ellen and I started our careers in education with the belief that the world is changed one life at a time. In that spirit, we have developed this program as a simple, digestible and memorable way to help you and your students face barriers to climb higher and reach farther. And remember, a No Barriers Life is not a one-time, feel-good magic bullet; it is an ongoing process of discovery and growth that leads us to unleash the power of the human spirit.

Keep Climbing,


Erik Weihenmayer
No Barriers Climb Program
No Barriers Climb Program

K-8 Activity Guide, based on Erik’s Everest Climb

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Video Series
Video Series

Videos for use with our Educational Programs

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Touch The Top Program
Touch The Top Program

Our 6-12 Curriculum, based on Erik’s first book.

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Rope Up With Erik Today
Join Erik and take your first step toward living a NO BARRIERS life.
  • We just finished your book!  Aaron said it was AWESOME. His favorite part was the whole chapter, “Wizard, the Chick Magnet.” Rayne said it was also AMAZING and her favorite part was how Erik folded his money. Jamal said the book was INCREDIBLE and his favorite part was in the epilogue when Ellen told you “we are having a baby”!!    I thought I would share and they all said thank you for writing the best book ever!

    Mrs LaPier & Class
    Momot Elementary School
  • I cannot tell you how many faculty and parents came up to me in the days following your visit to thank me for having you speak to their children. You were the topic of conversation at dozens of dinner tables in Beaufort! Yours is a tremendous story. Your accomplishments alone command respect and interest; the fact that you are blind only makes your story more compelling.

    Woody Rutter
    Headmaster - Beaufort Academy
  • Erik’s presentation last evening was absolutely the best and most inspirational NCTM Opening Session I have heard in my many years of attending the organization’s conferences. Attendees have stopped me today to say how much they were moved by Erik’s comments.

    Carol Edwards
    National Council for Teachers in Mathematics
  • I can’t tell you how many emails and text messages I’ve received from cadets and their parents who have been in touch with me to thank me for getting the “Best speaker EVER at the Academy.”  No exaggeration. Cadets have actually called their parents to tell them about Erik and the parents in turn have called or emailed me. Since I know about 80% of the cadets, many have emailed or text me directly to thank me.  Erik was a huge hit. Within minutes after he left, it was all over the Academy Facebook page of how awesome Erik was and how he was by far, the best speaker they’ve ever had.

    Elena Salinas
    US Coast Guard Academy