The Reach Pendant – Hand Made in Sterling Silver

I have spent much of my life reaching into darkness, feeling my way towards unseen possibilities. It is that reach that opens up new pathways and propels us all towards greatness.  This sterling silver pendant on a leather cord was designed by my friend Cheryl Cutting to symbolize the reach. Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico by renowned artist Laura LewAllen, this tactile jewelry is meant to inspire.  The word REACH is spelled out in the Latin alphabet on one side and Braille on the other.  The hand symbol encourages you to reach into the unknown, to strive for greatness, and to find purpose. The mountains represent both audacious goals and the possibility of reaching personal summits. The stars in the sky symbolize dreams coming true, success, light in the darkness, and navigating your way through the wilderness.

The REACH pendant is tough yet beautiful. It is for men and women of all abilities and backgrounds, athletes and non-athletes. It is the perfect gift for anyone facing adversity in their life—or anyone who has overcome it. Proceeds from the sale of this pendant go to my non-profit organization, NO BARRIERS. Our motto is, “What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.”  

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