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This compilation of resources will help to enrich and reinforce the No Barriers message in your classroom. From exciting video content, to some of the folks I find inspiring, feel free to use this page to help your students keep climbing!


Erik’s Current NO BARRIERS Pledge:

Climb a first ascent in Wadi Rum, Jordan, Winter 2018

We are often asked, “What makes a good No Barriers Pledge?”

Good pledges are specific, actionable, and meaningful. Here is an example of a pledge that misses the mark:

“I want to be a better sibling.”

So, how can we make that better? Here is a revised, tightened version:

“I want to spend one hour each week playing soccer with my brother, because that is his favorite sport.”

Other examples:
Weak: “I want to become a professional dancer.”

Strong: “To achieve my goal of becoming a professional dancer, I will join my school’s dance club, and sign up for private lessons to work on my technique.”

By refining the students’ pledge goals, you can help them be more accountable and focused on the outcomes of their pledges.

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