This past June I led a two week No Barriers Youth trip hiking through the Mustang region of Nepal. My kids, Emma and Arjun, were among the participants and afterwards, along with my wife, Ellie, our family stuck around and made an extra excursion. 

We returned to Yak and Yeti where we first met my son prior to adopting him. We had played cricket, baseball, and soccer with Arjun in that same yard and stayed in the same place some 11 years ago.

a photo of erik weihenmayer with his son arjun as a young child on his shoulders
Giving my young son a shoulder ride

















a photo of erik weihenmayer with his son arjun on his shoulders as a teenager
My back might be a little weaker now and Arjun has grown a bit, but the more things change…

















It was a special opportunity to visit Arjun’s birthplace and experience Nepali culture together. Not only does Arjun have a personal connection to his home country; it was additionally meaningful that Nepal is the origin and roots of our history as a family together.