Just got back from a great family reunion in New Hampshire. We were on Lake Winnipesaukee, where my son, AJ, also goes to camp. It’s a massive (about 71 square miles), northern lake with stunning clear blue water.

a photo of erik weihenmayer and his brother eddi on a boat
My brother, Eddi, always makes any adventure fun.
a photo of erik weihenmayer and his wife ellie on railing of boat of lake winnipesaukee
Taking the Mt. Washington scenic cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH where we finally got the answer we’d been waiting for: Nineacres Island actually has 13 acres. Who knew?

It has been an annual summer tradition to meet up with my whole family on the lake – my kids and wife, as well as cousins, nephews, nieces, my brother, my dad and his wife – and share some adventures together. We’re a pretty active bunch, so when we meet up our days are filled with activities like volleyball, soccer, and ping pong tournaments, but the main highlight is the kayaking.  Every morning the hardcore people, myself, my brother, and dad (who’s 78!) get up at 6AM to paddle together. At that hour, the lake is totally calm and peaceful, and you can hear the unforgettable haunting call of Loons, the local native birds, echoing around us.

a photo of eriks dad ed kayaking on a lake
My dad, Ed, still going strong kayaking the lake.

















a photo of erik from behind on a tandem kayak on a lake
Enjoying a morning kayak around the lake.
a photo of two people holding up kayak paddles on a lake
Kayaking is part of everyday during our vacation.
a photo of a loon bird
The Loon, a beautiful native bird, of the region.







We started out our trip in Ogunquit, Maine and explored some of the beautiful beaches where the water is freezing but worth the shock! We even found a cool inlet that during high tide the water will suck you out – like a lazy river ride – and at low tide will pull you back in.

a photo of eriks daughter emma and her little cousin posing behind cardboard images of a lobsterman and a lobster
Some fun with the cousins!

















a photo of eriks son arjun and his cousins on the beach
These boys spent some beach time at Ogunquit, Maine before gearing up for their three-week summer sports camp at Camp Tecumseh. No more little sisters to spoil the fun!

Some other highlights are what we refer to as “Weihenmayer challenges,” where we get everyone to compete doing things like swimming out in the cold water to a buoy and back. It’s mostly been for the kids and as they get older it’s fun to keep it up mostly to annoy them. It’s not quite a parent’s torture on our kids, but it hits the mark on “what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way!” All kids passed the test.

a photo of eriks family on the porch in nh
Moultonborough, NH
Pensacola Weihenmayers meet up in New Hampshire with the Colorado Weihenmayers. They faced many “Weihenmayer challenges” that included kayaking against a strong headwind after a reconnaissance mission to the Pinecone Cafe.

As much as I love big mountains and epic adventures, nothing quite beats the simple joy of hanging out with family and enjoying a summer afternoon by the lake.

a photo of a dock overlooking a lake with adirondack chairs
Another beautiful day by the lake.