Everest :  Creating Greatness

Everest: Creating Greatness is a stunning 14-minute video, produced in partnership with the Franklin Covey organization, which will stimulate intense and rewarding discussion about the power of a cohesive team with a shared vision. Remarkable, yet unfathomable, Everest is essential for anyone who has ever worked on a team or is responsible for helping teams strive to reach higher performance goals.

Training Media Review calls Everest, “Stunningly filmed. Everest quietly tells a remarkable true story that gives new meaning to the word vision. It should inspire teams and might even slip through the armor of hardcore cynics.”

Despite being blind, Erik Weihenmayer has never believed in limitations, and is keen at questioning other people’s perceptions of his abilities.

That’s why it was easy to ignore the ones who said he was crazy to pursue his dream of climbing Mount Everest. Erik knew that he couldn’t do it alone. And here’s the key—he never wanted to. He knew that his vision could only be achieved through the power of teamwork.

Team interviews and footage from the actual climb help viewers learn about:

  • Choosing the right people
  • Keeping the goal in sight
  • Banishing ego
  • Understanding sacrifice
  • Discovering your inner leader
  • Finding joy in the success of others
  • Overcoming immense setbacks
  • Believing in the dream

Many companies and organizations have effectively used Everest to:

  • Open a project kick-off meeting
  • Launch a company retreat
  • Motivate their staff group during a change experience
  • Demonstrate the value of having a common goal or vision to work toward
  • Initiate leadership development

Franklin Covey has produced a full package to accompany Everest, which contains:

  • Everest: Creating Greatness video (14 minutes)
  • Leadership in the 21st Century presented by Dr. Stephen Covey, author of the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century (10 minutes)
  • Tone Setter video segments (10 minutes total)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Printable Facilitator Guide (in PDF)
  • Printable Participant Guidebook (in PDF)

Through an exclusive agreement with Franklin Covey, we offer this package at a significant discount. The Everest Leadership Package also includes a complimentary deluxe version of the film Farther Than the Eye Can See and a signed copy of Erik’s book, The Adversity Advantage.

Video not available separately.
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